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How to Smudge

Smudging has been used for thousands of years in many different ancient civilizations, cultures and religions. It is used to clear away negative energies, invite in positive ones and prepare one for ceremony. When people think of smudging it is … Continue reading

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New Moon & Full Moon Ceremony

  A New Moon and Full Moon Ceremony is a time to connect and honour the cycles and phases of the Moon and harness the energies to help us create, manifest and heal. The Moon is the closest celestial body … Continue reading

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5 Ways to a Happier and Healthier 2015

  Write down your resolutions. When you write them down you are beginning to manifest them into the physical and turn them into goals. Put them where you can see them and reflect on them, the bathroom mirror, the door … Continue reading

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Wisdom Wednesday- Intuitive Card Reading

Hello Beautiful Souls, its Wisdom Wednesday! Today I am bringing you messages from the Secret Language of Animals Oracle cards created by Chip Richards.   This week is preparing you for Big magical changes that are coming your way….  get … Continue reading

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Energetically Grounding and Shielding for Children

This is a basic grounding visualization which works really well. The first couple of times you do it with your child it is beneficial to read it slowly so they can have the time to process your words and experience … Continue reading

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