Reiki Classes

Reiki Levels I, II, III/Master-Teacher & Kids classes

Reiki is pronounced Ray-Key.  It is a hands on energetic healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation.  It helps to encourage the body’s own natural ability to heal itself and bring it back to its whole state of perfect health in body, mind, soul and spirit.

Reiki is a Japanese word.  The Rei in Reiki means Universal.  It refers to a Higher Source or Knowledge, a Spiritual Consciousness that comes from the Creator.  It does not matter what you call that Higher Source- God, Goddess, Source, Creator or just Universe.  The Ki in Reiki refers to Life Energy.  It is the energy that flows through and animates all living things.  It has different names throughout cultures of the world. The Chinese call it Chi; in Sanskrit it is called Prana.  Reiki is spiritually guided Life Energy.

Even though Reiki is spiritually guided there is no religion, no dogma, no hierarchy associated with it.  It works regardless of a person’s age, race, religion or culture and anyone can learn to use Reiki.  Because it comes from a Higher Source Reiki energy can never be used for harm.  The vibration of this energy is pure Light, Unconditional Love and Healing always.

Reiki I- become attuned to the Reiki energy, learn about the energetic body, traditional and non traditional Reiki techniques.  One day class, manual and certificate included. $150

Reiki for Kids- We cover Reiki level 1 in a fun environment with other kids, activities such movement and crafts.  Kids get to practice Reiki on themselves and each other if they choose. This class is 2 hrs, recommended age is 7+ manual and certificate included $50 parents are welcome to stay and learn for only $50! Stay for the crystal class in the afternoon too! Go HERE to read more

Reiki II- learn and use 3 Reiki symbols to help enhance and direct the Reiki energies for specific purposes.  One day class, manual and certificate included. $200

Reiki III/Master-Teacher- learn and use the Master symbols.  Learn how to give a Reiki attunement,  add other tools to enhance your Reiki ie- crystals.  Two day class, manual and certificate included $350

All classes are small with a maximum of 6 students.  Private classes available. Contact Michelle for more information.


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