Healer’s Room 3pk 5ml Oil Blends

Healer’s Room 3pk 5ml Oil Blends

5ml bottles of Sacred Smudge, Sacred Grove and Sacred Moon oils. Continue reading


You can now diffuse our Sacred Series Blends in your home diffuser by purchasing our 3 pack of blends in 5ml bottles.

Sacred Smudge blend uses the essential oils of traditional smudging herbs sage, cedar and sweetgrass along with eucalyptus, lavender and lemon.

Sacred Grove blend is a combination of Fir, Spruce, Pine, Rosewood and Lavender.

Sacred Moon blend includes ylang ylang, fennel, roman chamomile and clary sage.

Click on their names to be linked to the page with more info on each and their affirmation.

Each of the blends in the Sacred Series came into being through Divine Guidance.  I received messages through meditation and dreams and had a clear feeling of the energy that was intended for each piece.

Once the essential oils are blended for the Sacred Series I charge them each in Crystal Grids.  They are allowed to blend and fully integrate with each other and the energy of the Crystals during certain phases of the Moon cycle.

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