Flower of Life Holographic Healing Technique

This workshop resonates especially strong with those who identify as Starseeds and Indigos.

In the Flower of Life Holographic Healing Technique workshop you will

Align with Natural Time

Understand more about Sacred Geometry- Flower of life, platonic solids, Metatron’s cube etc

Begin a time of significant personal growth and transformation

Open and awaken the heart more fully in healing and for daily life

Learn to activate your Merkaba (light body)

Activate your pineal gland (third eye, intuition, psychic gifts etc)

Reinstate your original Divine Blueprint

Gain more awareness of your life’s purpose and soul’s journey

Anchor your light energy to the Earth so you can feel safe here to do your life’s work

Use the Flower of Life Holographic Healing Technique to heal, cleanse, clear, connect and balance the energetic body’s elements, chakras, meridians, axitonal lines, physical illness, and dis-ease.

Class is 10am-4pm  Cost is $120


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