Classes & Workshops

Angel & Oracle Card Reading Class:

Learn how to use Angel and Oracle cards to connect and receive messages and guidance from your Angels and Guides.

This wonderful two hour class (soon to be offered online) will guide you to ask questions, receive messages, connect with a specific Archangel to help you and discover the action steps you can use to make the changes you need to shift, change or heal the situation.

Crystal Classes:

Crystal Healing Level 1– One full day class or 4 evening classes. Includes handouts and crystals to take home and certificate included. 4 part class descriptions below. $250.  $50 non refundable deposit required upon registration to secure your spot.

Crystal Basics- Crystals are amazing gifts from the Earth that are able to help us in so many ways. This class will cover the basics on Crystals. How to select a crystal for yourself or someone else. How to clear, cleanse/re-tune, program your crystal. Common crystal formations and various uses for crystals on a daily basis. We will even explore the science of why crystals work and also some techniques using crystals to ground yourself.

The Power of Quartz- perhaps the most versatile of all crystals is the Quartz. This will cover some of the common crystals in the quartz family- Clear, Smoky, Citrine, Amethyst and Rose. We will learn to identify and discuss the different properties of the many forms (Isis, window, channeling etc) these quartz crystals exhibit. You will get to interact with the Quartz crystals in these forms.

Crystal Healing 1- in this beginner class learn how to release, clear align and heal your Chakras with Crystals. It will cover each Chakra and the crystals that correspond and give you many ideas on how to best use Crystals for maximum benefit.

Crystal Grids 1-  learn how to create and use your own crystal grid and receive a booklet with suggestions for grid layouts.

Crystal Healing Level 2–  Expanding your knowledge of Crystals.  Prerequisite for this class is Crystal Healing Level 1 or the permission of the instructor.  Full day or 2 half day classes.  Includes manual and crystals to take home and certificate included. $250-  $50 non refundable deposit required upon registration to secure your spot.

Crystal Gem Elixirs-  A gem elixir uses the energy vibration of crystals and programs the water to hold that energy vibration so it can be used for a specific purpose.  You will create two crystal gem elixirs to take home with you.

Crystal Healing 2- building on what was learned in the previous class we will be working with a new group of crystals, expanding our knowledge of crystal layouts, creating personal layouts and  exchanging crystal healing sessions with other students.

Crystal Grids 2- exploring further the benefits of working with crystal grids we will be learning about creating grids to incorporate in feng shui, and delving into sacred geometry, larger and more complex grids.

Crystal Healing Level 3- Advanced Crystal Healing techniques.  Pre-requisite is Crystal Healing Level 2.  2 Full Days.  Price TBA.   Manual and certificate included.

High vibration Crystals- discover or become better acquainted with some of the highest energy crystals currently known.  We will be discussing their uses and meditating with them to get personal messages for working with these crystal allys.

Crystal Healing 3- advanced crystal layouts and techniques with high vibration stones, crystal healing sessions with partners in class.

Crystal Grids 3- advanced crystal grids in connection with healing and accessing different dimensions.

Healing with the Crystal Skulls- learn about the history and purpose of the Crystal Skulls. Learn advanced healing techniques, get personal downloads and great insight from working with these during healing sessions with your partners in class.


 Intuitive Healer Course

The Intuitive Healer Course is a weekend course that combines Reiki level 1, Crystal HealingLevel 1 and Angel & Oracle Card Reading.

This course runs Friday evening 6-9pm, all day Saturday 10am-4pm and all day Sunday 10am- 4pm Cost is $395


Flower of Life Holographic Healing Technique:

This workshop resonates especially strong with those who identify as Starseeds and Indigos.

In the Flower of Life Holographic Healing Technique workshop you will- Align with Natural Time.  Understand more about Sacred Geometry- Flower of life, platonic solids, Metatron’s cube etc.  Begin a time of significant personal growth and transformation.  Open and awaken the heart more fully in healing and for daily life.  Learn to activate your Merkaba (light body).  Activate your pineal gland (third eye, intuition, psychic gifts etc).  Reinstate your original Divine Blueprint.  Gain more awareness of your life’s purpose and soul’s journey.  Anchor your light energy to the Earth so you can feel safe here to do your life’s work.  Learn how to work with and heal, cleanse, clear, connect and balance the energetic body’s elements, chakras, meridians, axitonal lines, physical illness, and malfunction.


Reiki Levels I, II, III/Master-Teacher

Reiki is pronounced Ray-Key.  It is a hands on energetic healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation.  It helps to encourage the body’s own natural ability to heal itself and bring it back to its whole state of perfect health in body, mind, soul and spirit.

Reiki is a Japanese word.  The Rei in Reiki means Universal.  It refers to a Higher Source or Knowledge, a Spiritual Consciousness that comes from the Creator.  It does not matter what you call that Higher Source- God, Goddess, Source, Creator or just Universe.  The Ki in Reiki refers to Life Energy.  It is the energy that flows through and animates all living things.  It has different names throughout cultures of the world. The Chinese call it Chi; in Sanskrit it is called Prana.  Reiki is spiritually guided Life Energy.

Even though Reiki is spiritually guided there is no religion, no dogma, no hierarchy associated with it.  It works regardless of a person’s age, race, religion or culture and anyone can learn to use Reiki.  Because it comes from a Higher Source Reiki energy can never be used for harm.  The vibration of this energy is pure Light, Unconditional Love and Healing always.

Reiki I- become attuned to the Reiki energy, learn about the energetic body, traditional and non traditional Reiki techniques.  One day class, manual and certificate included. $150

Reiki II- learn and use 3 Reiki symbols to help enhance and direct the Reiki energies for specific purposes.  One day class, manual and certificate included. $200

Reiki III/Master-Teacher- learn and use the Master symbols.  Learn how to give a Reiki attunement,  add other tools to enhance your Reiki ie- crystals.  Two day class, manual and certificate included $350



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