Crystal Classes

Kids Crystal Class

Kids Crystal Class will cover how to choose a crystal, how to clear and charge it.  Learn about Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz, Citrine and Amethyst, and ways we can use them in our life.  Includes activities and a short meditation.

Crystals Level 1– One full day class or 4 evening classes. Includes handouts and crystals to take home and certificate included. 4 part class descriptions below. $250.  $50 non refundable deposit required to hold your spot.

Crystal Basics- Crystals are amazing gifts from the Earth that are able to help us in so many ways. This class will cover the basics on Crystals. How to select a crystal for yourself or someone else. How to clear, cleanse/re-tune, program your crystal. Common crystal formations and various uses for crystals on a daily basis. We will even explore the science of why crystals work and also some techniques using crystals to ground yourself.

The Power of Quartz- perhaps the most versatile of all crystals is the Quartz. This will cover some of the common crystals in the quartz family- Clear, Smoky, Citrine, Amethyst and Rose. We will learn to identify and discuss the different properties of the many forms (Isis, window, channeling etc) these quartz crystals exhibit. You will get to interact with the Quartz crystals in these forms.

Crystal Healing 1- in this beginner class learn how to release, clear align and heal your Chakras with Crystals. It will cover each Chakra and the crystals that correspond and give you many ideas on how to best use Crystals for maximum benefit.

Crystal Grids 1-  learn how to create and use your own crystal grid and receive a booklet with suggestions for grid layouts.

Crystals Level 2–  Expanding your knowledge of Crystals.  Prerequisite for this class is Crystals 101 or the permission of the instructor.  Full day or 2 half day classes.  Includes handouts and crystals to take home and certificate included. $250-  $50 non refundable deposit required to hold your spot.

Crystal Gem Elixirs-  A gem elixir uses the energy vibration of crystals and programs the water to hold that energy vibration so it can be used for a specific purpose.  You will create two crystal gem elixirs to take home with you.

Crystal Healing 2- building on what was learned in the previous class we will be working with a new group of crystals, expanding our knowledge of crystal layouts, creating personal layouts and  exchanging crystal healing sessions with other students.

Crystal Grids 2- exploring further the benefits of working with crystal grids we will be learning about creating grids to incorporate in feng shui, and delving into sacred geometry, larger and more complex grids.

Crystals Level 3- Advanced Crystal Healing techniques.  Pre-requisite is Crystal Level 2. 2 Full Days Price TBA.   Handouts and certificate included.

High vibration Crystals- discover or become better acquainted with some of the highest energy crystals currently known.  We will be discussing their uses and meditating with them to get personal messages for working with these crystal allys.

Crystal Healing 3- advanced crystal layouts and techniques with high vibration stones, crystal healing sessions with partners in class.

Crystal Grids 3- advanced crystal grids in connection with healing and accessing different dimensions.

Healing with Crystal Skulls- meet and work with the Crystal Skulls for healing and knowledge

Crystal Healing for Healers Workshop

This is a one day course for healers looking to include crystal healing into their healing sessions and their daily life.  Students of this workshop are required to be certified in a healing modality for more than 3 months prior to class.  Please contact Michelle if you have questions.

Prior to class you should have a strong basic knowledge of working with crystals- how to choose, clear, cleanse, charge, activate and dedicate your crystal, you will have some beginner knowledge of which crystals correspond with each chakra, and know how to do a basic crystal grid.  If you have not taken Crystals Level 1 or If there is some information that you are missing please contact Michelle and you can purchase a self study manual and questionnaire to complete before class.

In this class we will cover Crystal systems, Crystals and Chakras, Healing layouts and grids to use in a healing session with time to practice on each other, gem elixirs, sacred geometry and crystal grids, we will also discuss healing with Crystal skulls but an indepth class on healing with crystal skulls will be offered in the Crystal Level 3 class which students may wish to take after this class.

$150 10am-4pm  manual and certificate included

There are no crystals included in the price of class.  You will be able to use Zenchi Healing’s crystals during class, if you wish you may purchase prior to class the suggested Crystal Healing Kits and Crystal Grid Kit from Michelle or another source.

Crystal Healing Kit (level 1 class)- shungite, 2 smoky quartz, black tourmaline, red jasper, carnelian, citrine, green aventurine, rose quartz, blue lace agate, sodalite, amethyst, clear quartz, labradorite, pendulum

Crystal Healing Kit (level 2 class)- onyx, snowflake obsidian, garnet, red calcite, unakite, moonstone, yellow jasper, yellow tiger eye, malachite, emerald, rhodonite, mangano (pink) calcite, blue kyanite, angelite, fluorite, lapis lazuli, lepidolite, selenite, howlite, rutilated quartz.

Crystal Grid Kit- 6 Clear Quartz points, 1 clear quartz wand for activating grid, 1 center quartz (point, tumbled, sphere, or pyramid based on personal preference) Flower of Life grid cloth.





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