Michelle works with families and their highly sensitive and empathic children, sharing information, teaching energy techniques and creating energetic healing products to help the child and their parents.  This helps the child to navigate in the world with less stress, anxiety and worry, instead empowering them with tools that they can use everyday.  All of this allows the highly sensitive child and their family to feel more calm, peaceful, sleep better, and get more enjoyment together.

Michelle is especially passionate about connecting girls, young women and their Mother’s to their Moon Time (menarche-period-menstrual cycle) guiding them as they uncover and explore the incredible innate energies they hold for intuition, creativity and power that is their birth right.

Michelle has always been aware of her intuitive gifts and highly sensitive to the World around her. Since childhood she has seen and communicated with Angels and Spirits.  Naturally drawn to healing she began her journey learning Massage Therapy.

In March of 2000 Michelle received her first Reiki session.  It was profound, she had a past life memory and out of body experience at the same time!  Michelle knew for certain that she had been called to do energy work. For 13 years she has been studying and practising alternative healing modalities.

She is a Reiki Master-Teacher, Certified Crystal Healer, a Level 5.3 Practitioner of The Melchizedek Method, Body Talk Access Technician and taken Access Consciousness Bars.  She also works with Angels, The Crystal Skulls, Faeries and Starseeds.  Michelle studies Aromatherapy, Astrology,  Sound and Colour Therapy.

Michelle takes great joy in being a Lightworker and helping others discover the powerful healing abilities they have within themselves.  No one but you can truly heal your mind, body and spirit.  Michelle is simply here as an assistant and guide.


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