When we hold onto grudges, anger and hate we hold on to energy that is negative and unloving.

Keeping this energy with us causes disruptions in our energetic bodies that will eventually manifest into dis-ease within the physical body.

Forgiveness does not excuse the actions of the other person who has hurt us but allows us to release the lower, negative energy so that the person who hurt us no longer has power over us.  This enables us to heal, grow and often guides us to helping others who have suffered similar hurts.

Ho’oponopono– ancient hawaiian practice of reconciliation and a prayer of forgiveness.

“I Love You. I Am Sorry. Please Forgive Me. Thank you ”

This is so powerful and healing.  Every time I share this with someone and speak it out loud, my entire body gets goosebumps.

If you’d like to learn more about the energetic and emotional connection to issues in the physical body I suggest getting Louise L. Hay’s book ‘You can Heal Your Life’.  It also includes affirmations that you can say to help shift your thoughts which help assist your body in releasing and healing.

Cheers and Blessings!

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