How To Start Working With Crystals


Hello Beautiful Souls,

We’ve all been there, you feel the Crystals calling to you and you know you’re meant to work with them.

You start looking for some information and get overwhelmed at all the “rules” that seem to around choosing, clearing and working with them.  You may have even bought a few but now feel intimidated and don’t want to do anything “wrong”

Let me suggest you take a step back. Take a few deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth to centre your energy.

Now, tap into your intuition.  It is your compass.

Being new to crystals a good place to start is with the Quartz family. Clear Quartz (clearing, amplification, healing), Amethyst (divine connection,purification, protection) Citrine (personal power, clarity, manifestation) Smoky Quartz (grounding, transmutation of negative energies,manifesting your dreams) and Rose Quartz (love, emotional healing,release of stress)

To use a Crystal to its highest capacity begin by intuitively choosing the piece you are meant to work with at this time (this may be one you already have or need to go out and purchase)

Hold the Crystal in your hand, visualize it being surrounded by pure white healing light and say

“I ask that all energies and information not in alignment with the Divine be cleared and cleansed from this Crystal so that we may work together in Light and Love”

You may also wish add in a dedication for this specific piece “I ask that this crystal be dedicated to assisting me with ______________”

Intuitively determine how best to work with your crystal. Some suggestions- carry it in your pocket, set it in a place that you will see it often during the day, wear it as a pendent.

Take some time to get to know your Crystal, I recommend grounding your energy first, and waking up the minor chakras in your hand so you can sense the energy from the Crystal.

Sit or meditate with it 5-10 min each day for several days and be fully present with it’s energy.  What is it here to help you with?  Does it have any messages or insights for you?

Check in with the Crystal occasionally and intuitively determine if it needs a little TLC.  Sometimes Crystals like to be cleared again and charged with energy from the Full Moon.

This will get you started.  My suggestion is that you read many different opinions and ideas around crystals.  While on this journey as yourself if what you read and learn resonates with you.  Do you feel, see, sense or just know that it is true for you?  Take what works for you and implement it.

Cheers and Blessings!



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