How to Smudge


Smudging has been used for thousands of years in many different ancient civilizations, cultures and religions. It is used to clear away negative energies, invite in positive ones and prepare one for ceremony.

When people think of smudging it is often in reference to the way of First Nations people.

Traditional Smudging

A smudge is made by lighting dried plant medicines in a shell or bowl until they smolder.

Traditional herbs are Sage, Cedarwood and Sweetgrass, although they can vary depending on the region in which the people live.

Sage- strongest and most powerful of the sacred medicines to purify and clear negative energy from aura, mind body soul,  used to create and establish a sacred boundary at the beginning of ritual and ceremony

Cedar- wards away sickness, clears the air after illness and provides protection.

Sweetgrass- called the hair of Mother Earth, mind, body, spirit, calls in positive energy, carries deep wisdom of the Earth, provides clarity and purification to the mind.  Teaches kindness- demonstrates bending without breaking. Symbolizes blessings, safety, protection.

Remove all jewelry and metal while participating in smudging.

Once your smudge is lit, using your hands waft the smoke to your heart-

“I cleanse my heart to clean it of resentment and ill will, to open it to compassion and unconditional love”

Waft the smoke towards your mouth-

“I cleanse my mouth so that what we speak will be truthful and honest in a caring manner and empowering the positive”

Waft the smoke towards your eyes-

“I cleanse my eyes so that they will see truth in the world around us, the beauty of Mother Earth and the gifts from the Creator”

Waft the smoke towards your ears-

“I cleanse my ears so that I will hear clearly the messages of others and understand truth”

Waft the smoke over your head and down the back

“I cleanse my back to lighten my burdens, and release any anger there so I can open up to positive energy so that I may heal”

Waft the smoke under each food-

“I cleanse my  feet so that I will walk the true path, let it lead me closer to my family and friends and away from those who wish me harm”

When smudging another person it is best to waft the smoke towards them using a feather.

The ashes from smudging is not to be kept.  Take them outside to be buried or carried away by the wind or river.

Smudging with Smudge Spray

Many people are sensitive to the smoke given off when burning sage, sometime we are in a place that would not allow a burning smudge to take place.

I created the Sacred Smudge Spray to offer an alternative to traditional smudging.  Smudge spray is made with the essential oils from traditional smudging herbs and infused with energy from crystals known for their protective, healing and clearing abilities.

When smudging the Aura with the Sacred Smudge spray, turn and spray at each of the four directions,  above the head and down towards the feet.  If smudging a room, spray at each of the four corners and move throughout the room space using your intuition to guide you in any additional sprays needed.

Affirmation- “I clear and release all energies that no longer serve my Highest Good. I invite in and give thanks to all Divine energies that guide and protect me”

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