How to Sense Your Energy


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Sensing Your Energy

To wake up the Minor Chakras in the Palms of the Hand- briskly rub your hands together back and forth and then briskly in a circular motion.

Open and close your hands several times.

Next, hold your hands openly several inches apart.  Slowly bring your hands closer together and slowly apart, slowly together and slowly apart.

While you are doing this bring your attention to the sensations and feelings in your hands and the place in between your hands.

You will begin to feel the energy in between them, most often it feels likes pressure or tingling, you may experience a feeling similar to magnets when they push against each other.

Create an Energy Ball

add on to the above technique by bringing your hands farther apart and then slightly together and then  moving them around as if you were building a ball.

Send love from your heart down your arms and through your hands into your energy ball.

Take several deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth, then bring your hands towards your heart and place the energy ball filled with love into your heart centre.

Feel/see your Aura

Now that you have woken up your hands and experienced the feeling of the energy between your hands gently run your hand along your arm with your hand a couple of inches above it.

Move your hand up and down slowly, try raising your hand up further and slowly bring it down again.  You will soon be able to feel your Aura’s closest layer to the physical body.

Many people are also able to see Auras, it is most often the 1st layer of the Aura that you will begin to notice first.  It is commonly seen as a bluish haze around the person.

To try this yourself be in a dimly lit room, look at your arm, then relax your eyes and look past your arm.  You will begin to see the energy of your Aura when you are not directly looking at your arm. Don’t be too harsh on yourself, this can take time and not everyone sees. Some others feel, sense or just know.

Cheers and Blessings!

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