5 Ways to a Happier and Healthier 2015



  1. Write down your resolutions. When you write them down you are beginning to manifest them into the physical and turn them into goals. Put them where you can see them and reflect on them, the bathroom mirror, the door you walk out of in the morning, that way you can say your affirmations every time you see them.  Add even more oomph! to your resolutions by making them affirmations.  Check out Louise Hay’s ‘Meditations to Heal Your Life’.  eg- “Loving my body is the first step in healing” “My body is balanced, healthy, and happy… and so am I.” “I am willing to change and grow” “I trust my Inner Wisdom” “My thoughts support and strengthen my immune system”    Also check here and here for affirmation ideas
  2. Learn how to Ground, Shield and Clear your energy. Doing a simple visualization/meditation to ground, shield and clear your energy can your healthy and happy state of being by helping your release and clear any negative energy you have picked up.  Sign up for our newsletter (on the right hand side of our website) and have receive our detailed e-book,  ‘3 Easy Steps to Change Your Energy and Your Life which will guide you quickly and effectively through grounding, shielding and clearing your energy.
  3. Smudge regularly. Smudging has been used in cultures for thousands of years.  It is a way of clearing your person and your space from negative energy, it invites in the good energy and focuses your intention for healing and ceremony.  Use our Sacred Smudge Spray to conveniently smudge anywhere.
  4. Practice Gratitude. When we express gratitude the universe responds by bringing us more abundance and blessings.  Create a gratitude jar or journal that you add to weekly, then on the days you are feeling low you can be reminded of the many blessings in your life.  Practicing gratitude creates and allows the energy in and around us to flow with ease and grace. These are my favorite Gratitude cards.
  5. Connect with nature every day. It can be difficult to get outside everyday especially in our Winter weather but a quick walk will do wonders for your energy.  You can also listen to sounds of nature- bird song, ocean waves, thunderstorms.  All of these can really help connect you energetically with the Earth.  HERE is over 10 hrs of forest and nature sounds, its great to leave on all day in the background.

Cheers and Blessings!

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