Crystal of the Month- Carnelian


“I am filled with the vital energies of life, and I take action with confidence and power”- affirmation from Book of Stone’s author Naisha Ashian


Carnelian is a warm orange stone that can be used with the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras.  The energy of Carnelian is that of action, it helps us tap into our emotions, creativity and vitality.  It can assist in releasing fear and anger which allows you to connect more fully with your intuition bringing about more trust and confidence in yourself to move forward.  This a wonderful stone to work with when you want to break away from negative energy and embrace living a life full of gratitude.

To use Carnelian to its highest capacity begin by intuitively choosing the Carnelian piece you are meant to work with at this time (this may be one you already have or need to go out and purchase)

Hold the Carnelian in your hand; visualize it being surrounded by pure white healing light and say:

“I ask that all energies and information not in alignment with the Divine be cleared and cleansed from this Crystal so that we may work together in Light and Love”

You may also wish add in a dedication for this specific crystal “I ask that this Carnelian be dedicated to assisting me with- _____________ ie- connecting and acknowledging all the blessings in my life.

Intuitively determine how best to work with your Carnelian.

Some suggestions:

– Have your Carnelian crystal on a piece of paper that will be in a place near to you throughout the day, each time you look at it touch the Carnelian and say “I am grateful” then write down one thing you are grateful for.  It can be small, the sunshine today or more deep, a particular friend who was there for you when you needed them most.  Allow everything and anything to come up, especially a change in perspective around something you may have considered negative before.  I am grateful _____ happened because I learned this or it led me to that.

– meditate with it 10 minutes every day for a minimum of 3 days and write down the messages you get each time.

– place it on, or hold it near your Sacral Chakra for 20 minutes.  Visualize the Chakra a vibrant orange colour releasing and healing any energy that needs to be.

– wear a pendent or bracelet made from Carnelian

– carry it in your pocket

Enjoy working with this wonderful Crystal Ally.  If you feel guided share with us your experience with Carnelian.

Cheers and Blessings,


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