Back to School support for your Sensitive Child

Is your Child a Sensitive Soul?

Does back to school bring up a lot of anxiety?

Do you wish you had some tools to help them?

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Like many of you I have the extraordinary privilege of parenting a Sensitive Soul.  My daughter has always been extremely aware of the energies around her and very particular in her interactions with other people and places.  Even as a baby she had preferences about who held her and for how long.  She has communicated her need for personal space and boundaries all along her time here.

Two years ago we moved to a new community which meant a change in schools.  This was a difficult decision for us as our previous school was not only small it had been a wonderful place full of fantastic teachers and families.

But we really wanted our children to build friendships and a strong sense of community in our new place, so we enrolled them in the local school.  We heard great things about it from parents and kids who already went there and it was close enough that we could walk everyday.

I was concerned when I heard the school was at capacity- 700 students! It was over 3 times as large as the last school.

Fellow parents of Sensitives will understand.  All those kids, loud, busy, energy.  I was concerned for my girl.  I knew what being around that many children would be like for her, on top of being in a brand new school where she didn’t know anyone.

When I shared my worry with others almost everyone said the same thing- “She’ll be fine” It makes me so annoyed when I hear that.

Yes, I know that she will be fine.  She’s bright and friendly once she’s become comfortable in her surroundings, she absolutely LOVES school.  But just because she will eventually be fine is not a reason to not give her the extra support she needs so that she can weather the little storm that goes on inside of her until she feels fine herself.

My Sensitive Soul and I learned a lot that first year.  We used strategies we already knew to work for her and discovered some new ones.  I would like to share with you four of the fastest and easiest methods of supporting your Sensitive Child.



1.  Meditations and Visualizations:

Grounding, Shielding and Clearing your energy everyday is a must.  It helps your Sensitive Soul really know they are in charge of their energy and that they can influence it to keep the negative stuff out.

Almost every night we listen or read a meditation before bed, a super fave in our home is Starbright by Maureen Garth.  It makes a huge difference in the quality of sleep for a Sensitive Soul who can be prone to nightmares.



2. Calling all Angels:

Your Guardian Angel and Archangels are close by and will be there to help whenever needed.  It can be as simple as saying “Angels, please come help me right now” and they will.

Ask Archangel Michael to come in and surround you in protection. Imagine being surrounded in Royal Purple or Indigo Blue light energy.

Ask Archangel Raphael to come and take away any nervousness, fear or anxiety.  Imagine being surrounded in Emerald Green light energy.



3.  Crystals:

Have wonderful gentle and strong energy that can influence and support your Sensitive Child.  If you’ve never worked with crystals before please take a moment to read What is Crystal Healing? and a short article I wrote on working with Rose Quartz.

My favorites for children are Rose Quartz- self love, love towards others.  Amethyst- calming, great for sleep. Smoky Quartz- grounding, releasing from and protecting against negative energy.  Citrine- uplifting and standing in your personal power.


Essential oil with rose petals on wooden background

4.  Aromatherapy:

Our Sensitive Children respond so well to Aromatherapy!  I personally make my own blends as I enjoy the process and I can cater the scents to whatever a child’s preference is. The best general blend to help Sensitive Souls is Lavender and Roman Chamomile, these oils are calming and balancing.  I have them mixed with a carrier oil and then massage them into their feet at bedtime.

One of the other things you may notice is that your little Sensitive Soul may have a more sensitive immune system.  I like to blend Lavender, Lemon, Tea Tree and Bergamot together in a carrier oil and then rub it into their feet in the morning before school.  It doesn’t have to be done every day but a couple times a week especially in the first month of school has proved for us to be very effective.

My favorite book book on Aromatherapy for Children is by Valerie Worwood (all her books are brilliant) called Aromatherapy for the Healthy Child.  I highly recommend it, its full of information on safe use of oils and plenty of blend recipes to support your family.


Cheers and Blessings!



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