Wisdom Wednesday- Intuitive Card Reading

Hello Beautiful Souls,

It is Wisdom Wednesday and today I am sharing a card reading to bring you a message about the energies you may be experiencing this week.



I have used the Crystal Ally Cards by Naisha Ashian.  Who is one of my favorite Crystal teachers and authors.  All the affirmations shared here are from the Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ashian.

Lapis Lazuli- Self Knowledge:  This Crystal Ally is connected to your Third Eye Chakra. Have you been listening to your intuition, that gut feeling?  Have you been pushing it aside or ignoring the signs and messages trying to come through?

This is your wake up call.  Lapis is here to remind you to pay attention.  Pause a moment right now and take 3 deep breaths.  Feel, see, or sense the energy in your Third Eye Chakra (in the middle of your forehead)  Experience that deep indigo blue, if there is any energy that should not be there see, feel or sense yourself brushing it away and out from the Third Eye.  It is your birthright to see with clarity and truth, it is safe for you to experience the world in this heightened energy vibration.

Affirmation “I claim my sovereignty and power of my highest self, and I align myself with my highest truth”  – Naisha Ashian

Rhodochrosite- Child Within:  This Crystal is connected with your Heart Chakra.  Have you been more emotional lately?  Are you feeling overwhelmed or without direction?

Right now you may be experiencing energy shifts in your physical and energetic bodies. There are old hurts, past trauma, critical self judgement that are trying to make their way to the surface for you to acknowledge, heal and release.  They are coming up to the surface because your natural state of being is one of love and joy, these negative energies have brought dis-ease to your physical and energetic bodies.  Do not attempt to stuff these back down, allow them to release and leave.

Hold your hand over your Heart Chakra.  Feel, see, sense or just know that energy flows down from the Universe into the Crown Chakra at the top of your head.  Up from Mother Earth into your Root Chakra at the base of your spine.  These energies meet in the middle of your Heart.  Allow this energy to heal any and all energies that it needs to at this time. Feel, see, sense or just know all the LOVE and support that is being given to you.  Imagine yourself as a little child, a young adult, or know that whatever age you see yourself at is the age that needs it the most today and hug that version of self. Tell them how much you love them.  Do this every day for the rest of the week. (it may be different ages each day or the same throughout)  You are meant to live your life filled with LOVE and JOY!

“With compassion for myself and others, I engage the process of healing from past wounds and I embrace with joy the recovery of my wholeness”  – Naisha Ashian

Azurite- Insight:  This Crystal Ally card is another beautiful indigo colour and connected with the Third Eye Chakra.  If you have done the above visualizations how are you feeling?  This crystal comes forward to show you what is to come.  In acknowledging your intuition- those gut feelings- and doing some healing and releasing in your heart your Third Eye is ready to grow and expand.  Be prepared for messages coming in much stronger throughout the day and in the night during your dreams.  Have a notebook on your person so that you are able to write down all of the “coincidences” (there’s no such thing in my book) and synchronicities that occur.  The more you shift, change and heal the stronger your intuition and all of your other gifts become.

“I open my mind to new vision, both inner and outer, as I expand my awareness”  – Naisha Ashian


Cheers and Blessings,


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