Wisdom Wednesday- Intuitive Card Reading

Hello Beautiful Souls,

its Wisdom Wednesday! Today I am bringing you messages from the Secret Language of Animals Oracle cards created by Chip Richards.



This week is preparing you for Big magical changes that are coming your way….  get ready because August is a month of major work and incredible possibilities.

First off you need to be grounding your energy to the Earth. Every single day you need to be outside for at least 30 minutes connecting with nature, walking or as simple as having your bare feet on the grass.

Grounding, Clearing and Shielding your energy, this can easily be done when you wake up in the morning while showering or brushing your teeth and again before bed.  Go HERE to learn how to do it simply and effectively.  During the day when you feel you need to ground, clear and shield use our Sacred Smudge Spray.

What do you need to shift, change or heal right now?

Write down that goal for the month of August, hang it up where you will see it every day. Call in all your Angels, Guides and Animal Totems that are wanting to help you with this. Ask for clear signs that you are on the right path, pull cards for yourself or go get a reading. Go for an energy session to clear away any negative energies that are blocking your movement forward and to help support your energetic and physical bodies through this change.  Use crystals to influence your energy and support the healthy energy of your environment.

This is an opportunity for major growth.    You will be expanding and raising the vibration of your energy, creating a stronger feeling of connection with the Universe and Wholeness in your mind, body and spirit.  What are you willing to do to be a more complete and whole YOU?

Cheers and Blessings,





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