New Moon in Cancer

Good Morning Beautiful Souls!

Today is the New Moon in Cancer.  The New Moon is a time of new beginnings, planting new seeds, and it is a beautiful time for reflection and healing.  Cancer is connected to the element water.  It is an emotional sign, feels deeply, is intuitive and tied to all aspects of Mothering.  I choose to share with you my experience at Yoga this morning because it is so completely influenced by this Cancerian New Moon.  

Today was my 8th straight day of hot yoga, I made a personal goal that I will practice yoga every day in July.  I have been alternating between hot Baptiste Vinyasa flow and hot Traditional, most are 75min classes occasionally only 65min.  This morning I woke after a dream about my children that left me anxious and unsettled just after 5am, before my alarm.  I seriously contemplated not going to yoga, I thought I could put it off to later today so I could get some more sleep.  I argued with myself but heard my heart and listened when it said “you woke up at this time for a reason. Get to your mat. It’ll help start the day and week off right”.  So I dragged myself up and out of bed.

I get to the studio early, which I always prefer to do.  It gives me time to relax, get use to the heat and give myself a little Reiki session before class starts.  This morning I just feel off.  Part of me is  “Woohoo! here comes week 2, I am totally going to do this. I am a rockstar!” The other part, “meh, I should have slept in”. Then class starts. I am at war with myself which is completely unlike my usual mindset.  One of the reasons I love hot yoga so much is because it helps me turn my brain off.  I am so present in my body that my mind has to shut off, there are no to do list, remember to get this done, Oh I should reorganize that.

This morning it is a fight, a battle and I have to return to Savasana time and again in an attempt to refocus. Only it isn’t working. I am getting more and more irritable, my body and my mind are not harmonious and I am very unkind in my thoughts.  My body begins to rebel becoming ungrounded and very unbalanced. Frustration, I feel so much and the beginnings of anger. I try to let it go but I feel energy in my body that I call fratchety, it’s when you can’t be still and you are uncomfortable, your skin kind of crawls and it’s like something is trying to make its way out of your body through your skin.  I argue with my body “you need to stay still and hold this posture, calm stillness, get it together” more anger.

Then the dark rears its ugly head- “you’re ruining yoga for everyone this morning, they’re going to have a bad day because you’ve leaking negativity everywhere” This hurts my heart and a part of me feels defeated.  But just as soon as I begin to hang my head I am surrounded by bright light and beautiful energy.  Angel wings are around me, I feel so much love and support, it makes me smile.  I hear “you are safe, and protected, so is everyone else. You are here because you need to be here. It’s ok, do what you need to do, we’re here”  “Thank-you” I say and feel a kiss pressed to my head.  The fratchety energy I am feeling is still present in my body but I am detached from it.  There is no anger, no frustration just an acknowledgment and acceptance.  I finish off my yoga practice much better than I began.

We are guided into the fetal position at the end of class. There is a cool towel with lemon grass over my eyes beginning to cool me off.  The energy in my body rises up and crests. I cry.  I allow the tears to fall freely releasing the energy and as it drains away from my body I feel lighter.  After a few moments of gentle breathing I feel peaceful, all the way to my bones.

I am so grateful for my Yoga haven. On my mat I find acceptance and love, a place to release and heal myself.  I come to Yoga not only to become strong in my physical body but to connect more deeply with my Soul.



Take some time to check in with yourself. Begin something new, do some self healing anything you are guided to do. Have a wonderful day Darlings.

Cheers and Blessings,


P.S- I found this spectacular photo but have lost the name and website address of the photographer.  I will continue to try to find it but if you happen to know please shoot me a message so I can credit them.

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