I am full of gratitude.  2012 so far has been a wonderful year in the abundant blessings that I have received but also in the challenges and set backs that have come my way.  I am on an unending journey to learn and grow, listen to my heart, follow my intuition and put my trust in the Divine.  I am sure most of you will agree that there are days when those things can be difficult.  But it is part of the beauty of this human experience, to overcome and thrive.  In every situation we have the chance to view our experiences with gratitude.

Are you having difficulty in connecting with your attitude of gratitude and seeing the sunnier side of the lessons your life is bringing? If this is true for you at this time I have a few suggestions. A couple of tools and exercises for you to consider.

Find a quiet area outside, if the weather is uncooperative a quiet place inside will work too.  Sit on the ground in a comfortable position.  Place your hand on your Sacral Chakra (below your belly button) Take a few deep breaths and bring your attention to this Chakra.  The Sacral Chakra’s colour is orange, the element is water.  This Chakra is connected to our emotions, the enjoyment and pleasure in our life.  Take another deep breath and notice if you feel or sense any tension or a buildup here, don’t push yourself… just allow yourself to feel anything that comes up.  Another deep breath in and intend to release any and all energy that no longer serves your highest good, breath out and feel this area of your body become lighter.  You may find you need to cry to help the release, write it down or even talk it out.  Breath in with the intention again and as you breath out further release and know that your Sacral Chakra is clearing and aligning in perfect harmony with your energy.

This exercise is just a quick way to help you reconnect with this place of gratitude and pleasure.  If you would like to continue more in depth with this you can keep your hand on your Sacral Chakra and place your other hand on each of the other Chakras beginning at your Root and working up towards your Crown.  Each time taking deep breaths, setting the intention to release any and all energies that are no longer serving your highest good. Breathing out and feeling the release of that energy, knowing your Chakras are aligned and in harmony.

Crystals are a quick and easy tool to use for assisting you to connect with your gratitude with more ease and grace.  In particular Carnelian, this Crystal is associated with the Sacral Chakra and is an easy to find and accessible stone.

You can carry it in your pocket, wear it as a piece of jewelry and/or lie down and place it directly on your Sacral Chakra for 10-20min.  Skin contact is always best.  If you feel guided you can do the above suggested breathing exercise along with the Crystal.  If you are finding that there have been a lot of emotional releases while working with this area you may wish to use a moonstone along with the Carnelian.

It is my hope that these two suggestions have given you some food for thought and that they have been able to help you see and connect with that feeling of gratitude in whichever situation you find yourself.

If you are interested in learning more about your Chakras or Crystals please jump over to the events page or click here and get more information on the fantastic classes offered.

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